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How to diagnose cars with Porsche software

Fuel tank of the Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche software link:https://www.autovci.com/porsche-diagnose-tool-piwis-tester-ii

According to the engine model, install a tank with a filling capacity of 85 liters or 100 liters.The fuel tank is exactly the same. In the tank with a filling capacity of 85 liters, the reversing safety valve is installed through the converter.

In the lower position in the tank, the nozzle will close earlier. In US vehicles, a leak detection pump (LDP) is used for tank leak detection, which is installed directly at the fresh air connection of the activated carbon filter.

The function of the tank leak diagnosis (LDP) is to check the entire tank system for leaks using a positive pressure method, and only the engine can be operated.

LDP is an electrically controlled start-up diaphragm pump that can be supplied with a vacuum. After the pumping phase is completed, it can be evaluated by the reed contact switch on the diaphragm.

In the event of a fuel tank leak alarm, it is necessary to replace the components, even the fuel tank assembly.

Bottom diagram – tank ventilation ORVR

(US vehicle with tank leak diagnosis)

AB exhaust tank

AFK ORVR Activated Carbon Filter (USA)

LDP leak detection pump

Preparation before programming:

  1. The car  is turned off and the power is turned on, and the P gear is hung and the handbrake is tightened;
  2. Accessing a dedicated charging device, when programming, the voltage of the vehicle’s power supply remains stable;
  3. Turn off the high-powered electrical equipment in the car and disconnect the fan plug;
  4. The original car is equipped with a keyless entry key,Please replace the physical key before programming
  5. Ensure that the programmed data transmission is stable, connecting devices and car.

Things to do after programming

  1. Clear the fault code stored in the car  and confirm that there is no relevant fault code.
  2.  If the module cannot be coded after programming, the vehicle can be powered off or road tested.
  3. If the relevant fault code cannot be cleared after programming, the vehicle function can be adaptively operated;
  4.  After all the work is completed, conduct a road test to see if there are other faults

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