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How to use Land Rover’s diagnostic system

Car Information:

Model ⇒ Land Rover LM

Chassis number ⇒SALMN1D47BA35xxxx

Engine model ⇒5.0 V8

Driving distance ⇒19640 KM

The phenomenon of failure:

The blind spot indicator on the left side mirror lights up after the vehicle is turned off and waits for a while.

Check for faults:

The SDD software checks the fault code U0232-00 and the left obstacle detection control module communication interruption. After the disassembly, the bumper inspection module plug has no loose corrosion phenomenon.

Measurement ⇒C3415-5 voltage is 12.25V ⇒C3415-4CANHI is 2.55V ⇒C3415-3 CANLO is 2.35V ⇒C3415-2 Wire resistance 0.02 ohm ⇒ C3415-1At the start-up voltage of 12.18V, the voltage of the blind spot detection waiting for the mirror is turned on and the voltage returns to 10.05V.

The voltage on the right side was measured and remained at 10.05 at startup or after startup without much change.

Look at the circuit diagram and find that this angle is the blind spot indicator that controls the mirror. There is no short circuit or open circuit in this line. No abnormalities were found in the indicator light of the measuring mirror.

Analysis of the fault:

This system is relatively simple and independent, but the fault phenomenon is quite special. The blind spot monitoring system only has an abnormality at startup. The blind spot indicator on the left mirror waits for 6 seconds after starting, and then lights up normally. Light up immediately

By evaluating the blind spot monitoring module on the left side, it is found that the line supplying the indication is directly supplied from the module, and there is voltage output at the moment after starting, the voltage is 12.2V, and the light will be lit under normal conditions, but it is not lit.

This lamp illuminates when the voltage drop is 10.05V. This voltage is measured by a multimeter. At this time, we also feel a bit puzzled, but after the analysis, we believe that the voltage output after startup should be a virtual power. When the voltage is reduced to 10V, the voltage will be real. This phenomenon will occur. 

Fault maintenance:

Internal fault of the module, troubleshooting after replacement.

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